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How To Optimize A LinkedIn Campaign

LinkedIn is a powerful platform that has made it possible for businesses to reach out to potential customers through the distribution of high-quality content. Whether your business is about selling services or products to professionals or organizations, LinkedIn is the top pick for your marketing efforts.

Optimizing Your LinkedIn Content

Once you have decided to post an article on LinkedIn regarding some major news relevant to your business area, how do you ensure that it reaches out to your potential customers? Here are a few ways you can optimize your LinkedIn Campaign:

Stand Out by Using Multimedia

LinkedIn has come up with new features to help you reach the right customers and increase engagement. With its new multimedia feature, you can now easily resize, add and move multimedia with inline videos, photos, podcasts or slides. As per research, content that is in the form of visuals gets 94% more views. Find out by clicking on the option of Add Multimedia.

Get Insights In Real-Time

With LinkedIn’s newly introduced option for audience insights, you can easily keep track of the views you get on your shared articles. This option is available on mobile and will be available soon on the desktop as well. If you wish to discover real-time information, click on ‘Me’ on the LinkedIn app and get your hands on this fantastic new feature.

Use Hashtags

If you want your potential customers to find your content easily on the search bar, use relevant hashtags. The use of hashtags will make sure that if a member is searching a particular topic, your content will be present in the options that LinkedIn will show.

These insights will help you get a better understanding of your potential customers as well as depict if you were successful in engaging them.

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