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How to Write Compelling Article Introductions

How amazing would it be if your readers stay hooked to your article from the introduction to the end? However, to do so, you need to grab your reader’s attention right away; that means having an exciting opening. If you wish to publish killer articles, you need to master writing introductions.

Some ways you could do so are:

Focusing on the First Sentence: The whole purpose of the first sentence is to tempt your reader to go on to read the next sentence. If the first sentence does not attract the reader, they will most probably skip the whole article.

Asking Questions: If you want your readers to get engaged and attentive, start-off with asking them a question. This creates a sense of curiosity, and they’d want to keep reading to find more information about it. One example can be “Did you know that 90% of individuals report spending more than half of the time on their mobile phones?”

Using Story-Telling: Readers tend to follow stories; it stimulates their imagination. You can start with a surprising quote and then continue with the story. Add an emotional hook; it grabs the attention of the reader.

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