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Invite Team Members To Sales Innovator

Sales Innovator makes it easy for you to invite team members to collaborate with you. You can invite them one-by-one, invite multiple or post a link and invite a large number. Sales Innovator allows you to assign different roles to members.

There are two types of team members you can invite. Some people will be working with you on creating content and getting your campaign set-up, and there will be those who will be sending emails. We will focus on team members.

To add a team member, click on Settings in the navigation. Then click on members. Only administrators and owners can add team members.

In the member's tab, you will see a list of all the team members, senders, and virtual assistants. You can always change a member to a sender by clicking on the sender dropdown or change roles by clicking on Org Permission.

You can assign four roles to a member: owner, administrator, team, or virtual. An owner can do everything. An administrator can do everything except billing and deleting the organization. Team members can create content and manage campaigns. Virtual assistants are robot senders.

To invite a member, click on add member button, and you will see three options. The first option is to invite a single team member. You can add the team member's names, email, and a personalized message. Your team member will receive an invite by email.

The second option is to invite multiple team members by adding multiple emails and a personalized message. All the emails entered will receive an invitation.

The third way to invite your team is to generate a link to share with all your team inviting them to join your organization. Anyone with access to this link can join your organization, so only share it with those you want to have joined.

When your email invites are succesfully sent, you will get a notification saying your senders have been added. You will also see them displayed in the member's sections.

Invited team members will receive an email asking them to join your organization, containing your email address and personalized message.

A team member will need to go through registration first, and then the team member will be directly going to your organization.

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