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Job Board Opportunities With No Promotional Offer Playbook

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

Send an email to a prospect who you identified on a job board whose actions suggest buying intent. The follow-up emails will include helpful content to entice the prospect to take action.

Email Sequence

  1. Introductory Email: Introduces yourself and let them know where you found their job posting on a job board. Introduce your relevant offering and how it applies to their companies job board posting. Share a brochure giving an overview of your capabilities. Ask for a meeting.

  2. Reminder Email: Remind them why you are reaching out and how you are a dedicated account manager to help them. Provide additional case studies that may help out. Ask for a meeting.

  3. Best Practice Offer: Ask them if they would be interested in receiving best practices from you regularly. Ask for a meeting.

  4. Leave The Ball On Their Court: Let them know they can reach out anytime, and you are there to help.

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Email Best Practice

  • The subject line between 28 and 50 characters. Three to four words.

  • Email body between 50 to 125 words of text.

  • Remove extra words from the email body.

  • Make your email closing lines powerful and intriguing.

  • Personalize your email content and keep it conversational.

  • Answering three key questions—what are you offering? How will it help the reader? What should they do next?

  • Send out 2 to 5 emails per month.

  • Use 1 to 3 images.

  • Emails should be at a third-grade reading level.


Best Practices

  • Assign someone to monitor a job board for companies who are growing their team and are interested in hiring people with skill sets similar to that of your company.

  • Read the job post thoroughly and identify problems they are trying to solve and their skills.

  • Find several companies that have the same general problem and require the same skills. Build a prospect list. You may end up with several segments of prospects that have different needs.

  • You can use LinkedIn or the company website to identify the right team of people that will make a buying decision. Target multiple people in a company. Once you identify the people in a company, use a service to find their email address and contact information.

  • Create a list of segments of prospects and assign them to a particular salesperson or virtual sales assistant.

  • Create a tailored offering for each segment and content to get them interested.

  • Modify the following email sequence and tailor it to your offer and content.

  • Launch multiple campaigns for each segment identified.


Get Started

Click the link below to view this template and use it in your next campaign.

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