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LinkedIn: 21 Secrets to Succeed on The Platform

After pouring over dozens of articles, reports, and case studies, we have discovered 21 secrets that will statistically improve your personal LinkedIn profile or the profile of your business. These secrets have been gathered from interviewing veterans with experience on the platform, statistically calculated facts, and higher-ups from Linkedin itself. Of course, following these tips won’t guarantee success, but they are the best practices from those who have already obtained it.

  1. The most successful articles have titles between 40-49 characters long

  2. LinkedIn articles with over 3 images get more attention online

  3. Create separate posts for your articles and videos

  4. Use “How-to” and “Top Ten” headlines to catch the eye

  5. Personalize every connection invite

  6. Divide your posts into separate headings

  7. Longer articles, around 2,000 words, get more traction

  8. Keep your articles informative and neutral

  9. Make your content simple enough a child could read it

  10. Promote your LinkedIn articles on other social networks

  11. Be responsive to whatever likes/comments your content receives

  12. Cross-promote articles that have already seen success

  13. Ask readers specifically to leave a “like” if they’ve enjoyed the article

  14. LinkedIn articles consistently perform better on Thursdays

  15. Profiles that consistently post new content outperform profiles with one or two viral posts in terms of growth and return visits.

  16. Writing recommendations for other businesses makes them more open to do the same for you

  17. Publish articles exclusive to LinkedIn

  18. Use Career Interests to open yourself to recruiter searches

  19. Use a variety of different subjects when creating articles

  20. Information-based visual aids are great thumbnails (graphs, charts, etc.)

  21. Keep your audience informed with quick business updates

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