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Manage Campaigns

Analyze the essential metrics in real-time and track the efficiency of your email marketing campaigns.

An email campaign is a sequence of marketing efforts that contacts multiple recipients at the same time. Email campaigns are designed to reach out to prospects at the best time and provide valuable content and relevant offers. Using email campaigns allows you to build deep and trusting relationships with your clients.

Go to the navigation menu on the left side or top of the page to access this report and click on Campaign - Manage Campaigns.

The report allows you to view and track the following information:

  • Who created the campaign;

  • The campaign status: active, inactive, ended;

  • How many senders sent the campaign;

  • How many contacts the campaign was sent to;

  • How many email messages (Engagements) are in each campaign (sequence);

  • The number and the % of approved emails. When the sender of the email is different from the email owner, the owner must authorize the email;

  • The number and the % of the future emails;

  • How many emails were sent and their percentage of the total;

  • How many emails had technical errors, and what is their percentage of the total.

*Please note that with the growth of the campaign age, the number of sent emails goes up whereas the number of the scheduled ones decreases.

See an example of the email that was created three months ago.

And here is an example of the email written a month ago.

How to Manage my Campaigns

To manage a campaign, you can click on the Action tab.

If your campaign has the status inactive or ended, then you will see these options:

If your campaign is in the active status, then you will see these options:

*Please note that you can make changes to the campaign only if it is not in an active status. If you need to make changes to an active campaign, the system will first ask you to pause it.

How to Edit my Campaigns

To make any changes to the campaign, you can click on the Campaign Name, which, in this example, is “50% off on Tulips”.

The Add Your Engagement section of the Create Campaign page will open.

Campaign Analytics

To view a detailed report on a campaign, you can click on the Campaign Analytics button under the Action tab.

The Dashboard section of the Create Campaign page will open, where you can see in detail the numbers and the results of your campaign(s).

It is similar to the reports provided in the Dashboard section. The main difference is that you can run the report for each campaign and see the whole picture by moving through the tabs.

Here is the snapshot of the tabs in the Campaign Analytics report.

Now, compare it to the Dashboard section in the navigation menu.

In this tutorial, we will look at the Email Status and CTA tabs. !To learn what data is given in other tabs, please go to the tutorials in the Dashboard section!

The Email Status tab provides an overview of the data for this campaign. Scroll down, and you will see two more detailed reports.

In the Campaign Sender Status, the report is sorted by the sender’s domain. !Remember, in Sales Innovator, you can add custom domains! In this example, the email campaign is ready to be sent. Under the Action tab, you can pause or delete it.

The following report down this page, Campaign Sequence Status, allows you to view the data based on the email message (engagement) created for a singular campaign. !Remember that for each campaign, you can create more than one engagement!

This report might look very familiar, and yes, you can see such a report by going to Dashboard - Emails in the navigation menu. However, this report shows only the emails created for this specific campaign, whereas the Dashboard section lists the emails for ALL the campaigns.

The CTA tab lists the call-to-action links. Here you can filter by CTA Category and by the sender.

The CTA Category lists the sections of the landing page where you might have created a CTA button.

If there is any call to action button for this campaign, you can view the following data.

In this tutorial, you have learned how to manage your email marketing campaigns and measure data to help you improve your email campaign strategy.

Thank you for being with us!

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