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This tutorial covers creating, merging, and managing the lists of contacts, also known as mailing lists. It also looks at how to add contacts manually and import them to the list.

A mailing list is a collection of the contacts' details, including the email addresses. When you are ready to send your email campaign, you will send it to one or more mailing lists. Therefore, a good mailing list is a key to successful email marketing.

In the navigation menu on the left side or top of the page, click Leads - Manage Lists.

The Contact Lists dashboard does not contain any lists. Click on the Add Lists button to create a new mailing list. Add the name and the description of the list (optional) and save it.

How to Add Contacts to a Mailing List

After you've created a list, you can Add Contacts To A List manually, search and add the previously added contacts, or import them as a .csv file. First, let's add the contacts' names to the newly created Holiday Special List.

  • Contact - to add a new name manually you only have to fill out the given fields. You can choose what information to include in the contact's profile.

There is an option to select a category for the contact. It helps to keep your contacts sorted, which makes managing the business more accessible. !Please refer to the Add Funnel tutorial to learn how to create and add categories!

  • Search - look for and add to the list a contact who has already been added to your organization.

  • File - import contacts as a .csv file. First, download the example spreadsheet and use it to add your contacts to the spreadsheet.

!Please refer to the Add Contact to the Contacts List tutorial to learn more!

When a new Contact is added, their name appears on the list.

Under the Action tab, click on the three-dot button. You can edit the contact's profile, delete them entirely from the organization, or remove them from the list.

How to Merge Mailing Lists

Click on the Merge Lists button and follow the instructions in the Manage Lists dashboard.

1. In this example, the name for the new list is Merge List.

2. The email field has been chosen for comparison.

3. Holiday Special List, which has two contacts, is used as the primary source list in this example.

4. You can select other lists to check for duplicates in the next step.

5. After clicking on the Finish button, the popup message appears.

6. The Sales Innovator sends an email.

7. The created Merge List is added to the Manage Lists dashboard.

How to Manage my Mailing Lists of Contacts

In the Manage Lists dashboard, click on the three-dot button under the Action tab. To manage the mailing list select what you would like to do from the below list.

Import Contacts - the Add Contacts To A List shows what contacts are already in the list and allows you to add the new ones using the three ways discussed above.

Edit - you can change the name and the description of the list.

View Contacts - displays the contacts in this mailing list. Here you can track key metrics discussed in the tutorial Contacts List. !Refer to the tutorial Contacts List to learn more!

Copy - the copy of the list is added to the Manage Lists. In this example, a copy Holiday Special List has been added together with its contacts.

Delete - removes the mailing list.

Download - the contact list is downloaded to your computer in the .cvs format with the contacts data. The contacts' details include the first and last name of the person, company name and its website, phone number, email, title, city/state/country, and social media profiles.

In this tutorial, you have learned how to create, merge, and manage mailing lists used to send email campaigns.

Thank you for being with us!

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