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Manage Senders

This tutorial covers managing the list of senders and adding new senders to the list.

Senders are members who send emails on behalf of your organization. Virtual senders are virtual sales assistants who send campaign emails for you, with you controlling them. Real senders are real people who send their campaign emails, or you can send emails for them.

To manage and add senders, go to the navigation menu on the left side or top of the page and click on Senders - Manage Senders.

The report allows you to view and track the following information:

  • Sender's name and title, and their contact details;

  • Sender's company details;

  • Type of the sender;

  • Sender's status;

When the sender's email account is connected, their status is Ready. When invited, status is Pending, and when they accept the invitation to be a sender, their status changes to Accepted.

  • How many contacts does the sender have and the number of sent emails;

  • If the sender's email is in the process of warmup;

  • If the account was assigned to a team member.

You can filter the Sender's list by their Status, Company Name, Campaign Name, and Type.


How to Manage Senders

Click on the three-dot button under the Action tab. You will see the functions that will help you manage your senders.

Edit - if you need to make changes to the sender's profile, you can update their contact information. Remember that their details are displayed in email and landing page personalization.

Delete - removes the sender from the list of senders.

Connect - if a sender has not connected their email account, you can connect their email account, or each sender can connect their account.

Refresh - verifies if an account is connected by clicking refresh, and Sales Innovator will notify you if an account is successfully connected.

Business Card - can edit the business card.

Assign To - here, you can choose who will be managing this sender's account by editing the columns: Sender and Org Permission. This option works only for the Real type of senders.

Start Warmup - warming up an email domain consists of gradually increasing the volume sent per day from this domain or email address and generating engagement to raise your sending reputation and show you're a good sender to the inbox providers and spam filters. Email domain warmup helps you avoid a lot of bounced emails and signals your service provider that you are not a robot or scammer.

How to Add New Sender

You can add new senders manually, search and add the previously added ones, or import them as a .csv file.

  • Sender - to add a new name manually, you only have to fill out the given fields. You can choose what information to include in the contact's profile. Please note that once you add a sender as Virtual, you cannot switch it back to Real.

Search - look for and add a member who has already been added to your organization.

File - import members as a .csv file. First, download the example file and use it to add your contacts to the spreadsheet.

!Please refer to the Add Sender tutorial to learn more!

In this tutorial, you have learned how to manage the list of senders and add new senders.

Thank you for being with us!

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