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Outreach Because Of Funding Round Playbook

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

Send an email sequence to prospects that just received a round of funding or are about to get funding that is likely to want to use your product or service. First, you will acknowledge their funding and or success and explain the value your product or service can offer the prospect. Follow-up emails will share best practices, success stories, and content to educate the prospect on your offering and help accelerate their buying decisions.

Email Sequence

  1. Introductory Email: Introduces yourself and congratulate your prospect on their latest round of funding or success. Introduce your relevant offering and how it can provide value to your prospect. Share some case studies explaining how your offering can add value. Ask to schedule a meeting.

  2. Reminder Email: Remind them that you are here to help and provide a demo video of how your offering helps companies. Ask for a meeting.

  3. Referral Email: Ask them for a referral if they are not the right person. Provide a company overview that they could share with others introducing your offering. Request they provide the next steps.

  4. Final Invite Broad Email: Give them an overview of all your services in case they may be looking to solve additional problems they may have that you did not discuss. Let them know they can reach out anytime.

Personalize <<personalize_tag>>: Contact First Name, Contact Company, Funding Announcement, Link To Funding Announcement, Type Of Success Company Is Having

Add content [[insert_content]]: Case Studies, Demo video, Company Overview, and Overview Of All Services.

Email Best Practice

  • The subject line between 28 and 50 characters. Three to four words.

  • Email body between 50 to 125 words of text.

  • Remove extra words from the email body.

  • Make your email closing lines powerful and intriguing.

  • Personalize your email content and keep it conversational.

  • Answering three key questions—what are you offering? How will it help the reader? What should they do next?

  • Send out 2 to 5 emails per month.

  • Use 1 to 3 images.

  • Emails should be at a third-grade reading level.


Best Practices

  • Assign someone on your team to find companies who are succeeding and are likely to get funding or have recently received funding.

  • Based on their use of technology, their industry, vertical, company type, and other data points, build a prospect list divided into different segments.

  • You can use LinkedIn or the company website to identify the right team of people that will make a buying decision. Target multiple people in a company. Once you identify the people in a company, use a service to find their email address and contact information.

  • Create a list of companies and assign those companies to a particular salesperson or virtual sales assistant.

  • Create a tailored offering for each segment and content to get them interested.

  • Modify the following email sequence and tailor it to your offer and content.

  • Launch multiple campaigns for each segment identified.


Get Started

Click the link below to view this template and use it in your next campaign.



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