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Outreach Because Of Social Media Comment Playbook

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

Send an email sequence to a prospect who commented on a social media platform that suggests buying intent. The follow-up emails will include helpful content to inform the buyer and help them accelerate their buying decision. There are four emails in this sequence.

Email Sequence

  1. Introductory Email: Introduces yourself and how you enjoyed their comment and agreed with their statement. Then you introduce your relevant offering with a video and ask to schedule a meeting.

  2. Reminder Email: Remind them of your video and provide added value to their comment with relevant content. Ask for a meeting.

  3. Referral Email: Ask them for a referral if they are not the right person. Provide a company overview that they could share with others introducing your offering. Request they provide the next steps.

  4. Final Invite Broad Email: Give them an overview of all your services in case they may be looking to solve additional problems they may have that you did not discuss. Let them know they can reach out anytime.

Personalize <<personalize_tag>>: Contact First Name, Contact Company, Social Network Name/Blog Name, Contact Blog Post, Contact Blog Post Author, Contact Comment Link, and Contact Comment Topic.

Add Content [[insert_content]]: Video About A Topic, Posts About The Topic, Company Overview, Case Study, and Overview Of All Services.

Email Best Practice

  • The subject line between 28 and 50 characters. Three to four words.

  • Email body between 50 to 125 words of text.

  • Remove extra words from the email body.

  • Make your email closing lines powerful and intriguing.

  • Personalize your email content and keep it conversational.

  • Answering three key questions—what are you offering? How will it help the reader? What should they do next?

  • Send out 2 to 5 emails per month.

  • Use 1 to 3 images.

  • Emails should be at a third-grade reading level.


Best Practices

  • Assign someone to join social media groups, forums, and sites that get much engagement where potential prospects hang out.

  • Read posts and comments made and identify potential prospects based on their engagement.

  • Find several companies that have the same general problem and require the same skills. Build a prospect list. You may end up with several segments of prospects that have different needs.

  • You can use LinkedIn or the company website to identify the right team of people that will make a buying decision. Target multiple people in a company. Once you identify the people in a company, use a service to find their email address and contact information.

  • Create a tailored offering for each segment and content to get them interested.

  • Modify the following email sequence and tailor it to your offer and content.

  • Launch multiple campaigns for each segment identified.


Get Started

Click the link below to view this template and use it in your next campaign.



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