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Playbook Library

Get your first email campaign started by choosing a playbook in the Playbook Library that meets your business needs.

Go to the navigation menu on the left side or top of the page, and click on Playbooks - Playbook Library.

Filtering Parameters

You can filter the Library by Categories and Verticals.

How to Manage a Playbook

You can either use the filtering parameters or scroll through playbooks to find a needed one. Each playbook has an info icon, which displays a short description of a playbook.

If the description has picked interest in you, you can view it by pressing on View.

A Campaign usually has a sequence of emails. To view the emails, click on the Sequence button.

If you decide to use this playbook, you can click on the blue button Use Playbook from the Sequence page. Likewise, you can use a playbook by clicking on the Use button on the playbook card.

By clicking on the Use button, a Create Campaign window will appear with a prefilled Campaign Name. But you can change the name of it.

After clicking on Save, the campaign is added to the Campaigns List.

Here you can edit or manage the campaign. !To learn more, go to the Manage Campaigns tutorial!

In this tutorial, you have learned how you can select and use a playbook to be your first email campaign.

Thank you for being with us!

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