Setting Local Up For Social Success

If your business model is a franchise model, chapter model, or your business sells products and services locally; then you most likely have multiple Facebook pages and Google business pages for each of your locations.

Setting up the best model for digital marketing for your localized model can be a little challenging. If you are centralizing all of the content creation and social media management for all of your chapters; then your central team may be stretched. Also, it will be challenging to customize your message for the local audience.

On the other hand, if you turn over digital marketing completely to the local units; then they may not have the budgets, resources, and the quality message corporate would like them to use. Also, branding messaging will be limited across all your local chapters.

The best process model we found to setup localized digital marketing is to have a hybrid model. In this model, corporate can post to local chapters, and they can choose to pass along the message, create their own, or customize the message. The ability of the local chapters to create and customize their messaging and receive support and direction from corporate will allow your local digital marketing efforts to flourish.

Research shows that localized engagement can drive up content activity by 26x. Take time to update your process to a hybrid model where corporate and local branches can easily collaborate on localized marketing efforts.

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