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Taking Your Sales Game To The Next Level

If you want your marketing efforts and budget to truly impact revenue growth you should practice ABM. Account Based Marketing helps your marketing and sales team focus on building relationships in your highest opportunity, and most valued accounts that have the strongest potential of impacting your bottom line.

For example, assume you sell an expensive software product or consulting service. Rather than going after small businesses, SMBs, and enterprises - you can adopt ABM and choose to focus on accounts that have the highest need for your service and have the budget.

Instead of a broad approach requiring a lot of investment with minimal results, ABM will help you slow down to develop a thoughtful approach and boost your odds of driving engagement and sales.

Today's buyers are increasingly more insistent on outreach tailored to their business and even their personal interests within the business. ABM will require your marketing and sales team to combine efforts and engage each person on the buying team in a personalized way that will help you be more likely to differentiate yourself from the competition.

By implementing ABM your team will kick-off the sales process with higher-value opportunities earlier, get the highest ROI possible from marketing campaigns, and be well aligned to have longer-term success. According to Altera Group, 97% of companies that have implemented ABM have achieved a higher ROI from their marketing campaigns. Account Based Marketing helps you stay razor-focused on goals your team has the highest chances of achieving.



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