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Target Your Buying Committee @ Scale

It is important to note that ABM shifts the focus of sales and marketing from one individual to a buying committee within an organization that collectively makes the decision. This important note is why ABM is focused on understanding each account, who is part of the buying committee, and how to build influencer relationships with each member of that committee.

ABM begins with the sales team leading the charge and identifying the highest-priority accounts, which teams and individuals are involved in the buying committee, and in building profiles of the roles for marketing to engage through strategic messaging campaigns.

Marketing then develops and delivers customized content to target decision-makers, influencers, and stakeholders within those accounts. Content is customized based on the collective need of the committee and the individual needs of each member.

After content is created, marketing works with sales to execute the marketing campaign by starting the conversation with fewer but more likely prospects and warming up the prospects for sales to take over. The ability to engage and heat up the conversation with likely prospects is the most valuable attribute of using Account Based Marketing. Marketing now has the ability to help sales by creating highly personalized messages and putting them in front of the right decision-makers at the right time, therefore eliminating the guessing work and wasted marketing efforts. Content efforts are focused on those prospects who have the strongest potential of impacting the bottom line.

ABM is not a tactic but a business strategy that requires buy-in across the business. Executives, finance, customer success, services, IT, sales, and products should all be aligned to support this go-to-market effort. ABM will require the work of your company to acquire each targeted prospect, make them successful, and expand within their organization.

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