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Team Inbox

In this tutorial, we will look at the Sales Innovator Inbox tool.

Inbox is a term used to describe where email messages are received in an email client. The Inbox is the default location for all incoming mail.

Go to the navigation menu on the left side or top of the page and click on Inbox - Team Inbox.

Priority Mails in All Inboxes - that is where the communication from the prospects you sent the email campaigns to is received. Please note that if you created several email addresses, the All Inboxes Priority Mails stores emails from all the created mailboxes.

Emails in the Inbox are displayed and available to click or double-click to view. In addition, quick actions like deleting or forwarding emails are also made available from this screen.

In this short tutorial, we looked at the Team Inbox.

Thank you for being with us!

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