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The Best Social Sellers are Thought Leaders

Have you ever had those moments when you listen to a podcast or attend a conference and as you’re listening you think to yourself, “Wow! This person really knows their stuff”? I’m sure we’ve all had those moments. What if that person who really knew their stuff was you? That’s right! You can be the person that people look to with information that they can trust. It is called being a “thought leader” and the best social sellers are thought leaders.

What is a Thought Leader?

Some of you might be unfamiliar with the term. To put it simply, thought leaders are experts in their field or industry. They know just about anything that has to do with their field of expertise. Thought leaders often have a product of business that’s already successful and respected.

How Does One Become a Thought Leader?

Start by focusing on what you currently know. Are you an expert in marketing? Finance? Supply chain? Whatever your area of expertise, what more can you learn about it? There’s always more to learn in just about any field. Pick one that you’re passionate about and learn as much as you can. Once you’ve become more of an expert, create high quality content that reflects what you know. Video content is also in high demand, so it would be good to learn how to use YouTube, Facebook live, and any other social platform that uses video. Be consistent but don’t over promote. The best way to consistently post content without over promoting is creating content that adds value and will matter to those people that will see your post.

What Does Being a Thought Leader Have to Do with Social Selling?

Being a thought leader is a sure way to establish trust and reputability among your customers and peers over social media. This is very helpful to social selling because potential customers and clients are looking for a reliable source in your field of expertise. Once you become a well-established thought leader, people will naturally come to you with questions and you will have the answers. You will be better informed about any changes you need to make to your product(s) or service to meet your customers needs. You will become more innovative within your niche field. Most importantly, you will leave behind a lasting legacy.

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