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Twitter vs Instagram: Which is Better for your Business?

Twitter and Instagram are both social media juggernauts in today’s landscape. Asking which one is better for business is like asking McDonalds if their burgers or fries are more valuable to their company. While it may seem like a silly question, some analyst at McDonalds could undoubtedly answer it for us. With that in mind, here’s what we know about Instagram and Twitter and how each of them can be used to grow your business.

Instagram: Supreme Engagement

Instagram has, by far, the most engaged users out of all the social networks. To help give you an idea, Facebook, the social network with the second largest engagement rate, is 6 times lower than Instagram. Now, how can your business take advantage of this? Well, if Instagram is the social media group that has the most active user-base, then that means Instagram is your biggest chance to create a connection with your audience. Instagram is a chance to show your company’s human side. Show company picnics, your friendly workplace, or anything else you feel will help put a human face over the company.

Twitter: Local Trends

If Instagram can be seen as putting a face on your company, then Twitter is that same face saying hello. The bread and butter of Twitter derive from its relevant news feed. Through Twitter, you can see what people are talking about in your city, state, and country. Use this as an opportunity to stay relevant.

For example, in my hometown, there was an accident where 4 cars crashed into a river. Luckily, no one was harmed. However, because of that story trending in my home town, local charities were able to reach out to the families of those involved in the accident and bring them meals. The media were then able to cover those following stories and shine a spotlight onto the families and charities. It was a win-win!

Who Comes Out On Top?

Simply put, it depends. It depends on what kind of presence you’re hoping to achieve online. Instagram is really good for business to consumer-based relationships, whereas Twitter can do wonders for a business to business relationships. There have been companies that have had a lot of success on both platforms individually, as well as a combined effort.

What we recommend is to laser-focus your marketing goals, and then emphasize the social media platforms that can help you achieve them. Don’t exclusively use any one social media site, that paints a picture of unprofessionalism that most demographics look down upon. That being said, focus on what you feel is best for your company.

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