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Use Custom #Hashtags To Generate Engagement

Hashtags can help people in your group find similar posts, but they can also help generate community engagement. Using random hashtags with some guidelines can help you boost your engagement.

Start by creating a pinned post that outlines the common hashtags you are encouraged to be used in your group: #Training, #Question, or #Help. You can also create topic-based hashtags for specific regularly used discussions.

Let your group members know that your suggested hashtags are suggestions and that they can create their own. Emphasize the fun side.

You will need to set the example and lead. It will take a little time, but as you add hashtags to your posts, your members will notice and learn.

Make sure to let your moderators and top contributors know to use hashtags. You may need to remind them as you see a post without them, but soon you will see your group start using hashtags on every post.

You will know you are successful when your group is creating their hashtags, and they are having fun. The engagement will help build a stronger community.

Most importantly, this strategy will make your job a lot easier in moderating posts, since you only have to look for a few words instead of reading all the post. Also, you will save time since you can scan for hashtags and focus on the ones that do not have them.

#Training, #Engagement, #BestPractice

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