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What Content Works Best on LinkedIn?

What Content Works Best On LinkedIn

LinkedIn is an excellent website, consisting of more than 500 million members. It is one of the best platforms to build up a reputation for yourself and for your business. With millions of potential customers on the site, it is critical that you make your company’s values known. However, to do that you need to increase engagement and build relationships with those potential customers; the best way to do that is by studying what already works well and applying it to your content. Here are a few steps you can use to take your content to the next level.

1. Research What Works

The first step is obviously deciding on the theme of your next article or post. But what should you do after you have figured that out? A quick tip to make sure your work gets traction with audiences quickly is to use the search bar to find similar posts on the same topic. Analyze what already works well and revise your content to emulate what made them successful. Be sure to also watch out for what doesn’t work so that you can avoid those mistakes in your own work.

2. Latest News and Trends

Industry trends and news are the most published content on LinkedIn. It is always a great idea to post content that is relevant to your industry. Be sure to also post updates and news relevant to your business.

3. Post Educational Content

Whether or not you have senior level business professionals on your LinkedIn, people are always interested in reading tricks, tips, and how-to articles. Such content receives high engagement and views. The prevalence of “top 10” videos on YouTube should indicate how effective these types of posts can be.

4. Add Visuals

People prefer pictures over plain, boring text. Use that to your advantage. Posting images can do more to illustrate the personality and values of your company than any amount of written text could ever do. Photos from conferences, business events, and charity work are worth their weight in gold when it comes to the attention readers will give them.

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