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What is social selling?

Social selling is the process of building relationships over social networks that drive revenue.

Simply put it includes the following steps 1. Creating a connection with someone 2. Making an impression 3. Getting more exposure 4. Adding value to your audience

Why social selling?

The world of sales is changing. Knocking doors and making cold calls can only reach so many people. With doorbell cameras and caller ID the effectiveness of traditional selling in on the decline.

So what is the solution?

Although the doors of traditional selling seem to be closing, bigger doors have opened up. The door of social selling is one of unlimited potential. With approximately 2.3 billion people (Statista, 2018) on social media, you can reach more people than ever before.

The amazing thing about social networks is that agencies instantly have access to information about their potential leads. These clues give a powerful edge to agencies when selling. It allows them to know more about their potential customers than ever before. People are far more likely to buy from someone they feel they have something in common with. 65% of salespeople who use social selling fill their pipeline, compared to 47% of reps who do not. (HubSpot, 2018) (Source:

How to establish a connection

There are close to 620 million Facebook groups. These groups are often centered around a specific interest.

As a sales rep for car insurance, I may join a facebook group that is geared toward people interested in cars. I may post about a great car insurance deal I have as well as look for comments and posts relating to people looking for car insurance.

With that interest in mind, I can add value to the people who are already looking for my service. I can develop a relationship with that person and direct them to helpful information. This will establish my credibility and allow me to add value to my target audience.

Create engaging content

Another way to establish connections over social networks is to create engaging content and to be engaging. Engaging content gives your brand more visibility and credibility. The more engaging the content the more people who will comment on it and share. Not only will they see it, but many of their friends will too!!

How social selling?

There are many great tools out there for social selling. Social lift is a website designed to help you achieve the best results from social selling. We would love to help you get started! Contact us today at

Social Selling
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