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Hire A Sales


Lead Generation

Targeted B2B List Building And Lead Generation

We do the research and get you the prospects for your campaign.

  • We build targeted leads lists according to your target personas and company profile.

  • We will verify emails and check and optimize for: greylisting, blacklists, Yahoo & AOL validation, remove subaddresses, verify for a catch-all, verify syntax, remove duplicates, remove dots, verify for disposable emails, verify extended SMPT, spam trap detection, domain verification, MX record verification, mailbox quota verification, mailbox error verification, role account verification, and response time verification.

  • We will validate all emails to make sure they are 100% deliverable. 

  • We will use various databases to build your list: LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Company Website, Google Advanced Search, Crunchbase, AngeList, Yelp, BBB, Google Listings, Lusha, Rocket Reach,, Snovio, Uplead, Seamless ai, Fullcontact, Manta, Boolean Search, Crunchbase, Hoovers, XING, ZoomInfo, Contac Out, Nymeria, Sell Hack, Clearbit, LeadIQ, Full Contact, etc.

Starting at $150 and above. 


Send Emails @ Scale

Full Outbound Email Automation and Optimization Service

Email automation, email deliverability, LinkedIn automation, and sales automation consultant

  • We build a lead list of 1,000 prospects per month

  • Setup-up an outbound email system that ensures deliverability

  • Provide unlimited licenses to outbound email system

  • Provide various domains and landing pages to make sure your emails get delivered.

  • Conduct a content audit to find content for your email sequences

  • Create personalized email sequence (4-20 emails)

  • Send out drip email campaign of (4,000 - 20,000) emails

  • Manage responses

  • Manage sender reputation

  • Ensure email deliverability for your cold email campaigns

  • Automate sales follow-up prompt across various channels (Social Media, Phone, Direct Mail, and Ads) based on lead engagement

  • Notify your sales team when leads are ready to engage

  • We continuously optimize your campaigns to get the best results

  • We provide real-time reports on the progress of your campaigns

  • We can track prospects activity on your website

  • We can integrate prospect data with any CRM or database

Starting at $35/hr.
A Minimum Commit of 3 Months Is Required

Hire A Salesperson

B2B Social Selling and Calling

We provide a team that can social sell, call prospects, and qualifies leads.

  • Provide unlimited licenses to outbound email system

  • We will reach out to people on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook 

  • We will call to qualify leads and set up appointments

  • We will send out emails and reply to prospects 

  • We will update your CRM with prospect progress 

  • Provide unlimited licenses to outbound email system

  • We provide real-time reports on the progress of your campaigns

Starting at $45/hr.
A Minimum Commit of 3 Months Is Required


Chief Growth Officer

Outbound Sales Consulting

We help you set up your outreach department.

  • Help you set up your outreach department

  • Provide support as you set up your outreach department

  • Answer any questions you may have on setting up and optimizing your email and sales automation 

  • Provide you 39 email sequences you can use to launch your outbound campaign

  • Provide you the software you can use for setting up your outreach department

Starting at $795/hr.
We Can Create A Monthly Support Package.

We Help You Hit Your Numbers

We reduce the risk of not getting to millions of dollars in sales because you are not set up properly.