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Accelerate B2B Sales

Unlimited team members, senders, sales robots, and connections so your whole team can benefit!

"Other vendors charge per seat or connection and it becomes cost-prohibitive for teams to deploy the solution and justify the expense. We wanted to price our product so your whole team could benefit."
Perfect For B2B Marketers


Build your sales robots and invite your team. Create a personalized ABM campaign and test your campaign.



Unlimited Users, Senders, & Connections

20 monthly emails

or shared link views

2 GB of storage

1 dynamic landing page


Begin warming-up multiple domains for your team and A/B test your message and landing pages.


Per Month

Unlimited Users, Senders, & Connections

1,520 monthly emails

or shared link views

20 GB of storage

dynamic landing pages

Most Popular


Scale your outreach efforts with tested campaigns by adding more tem members and prospects.


Per Month

Unlimited Users, Senders, & Connections

6,083 monthly emails

or shared link views

50 GB of storage

50 dynamic

landing pages


Experiment with multiple playbooks, scale your ABM strategy and launch many campaigns that accelerate sales.


Per Month

Unlimited Users, Senders, & Connections

12,166 monthly emails

or shared link views

100 GB of storage

Unlimited dynamic

landing pages

Features Included With All Plans

Unlimited Senders and Connections

Personalized Trackable Shared Links

Domain Warmup

UnlimitedTeam Members

Advanced Content Management Features

Keeps Emails Out of Spam

Unlimited Contacts

Personalized Lead and System Notifications

Connect to Any Email Provider

Unlimited Virtual Senders

Lead Scoring

Unlimited Custom Domains

Automated Personalized Email Sequences

Prospect, Company, Content, and Email Analytics Dashboard

Agency Panel

Advanced Email Marketing Campaigns

Open, Clicks, Response, Views, CTA, and Engagement Detection

Email validation

Campaign Calendar

Add Content Without Needed To Add An Attachment

Link Tracking Without Redirect 

Unlimited Best Practice And Organization Playbooks

Email And Signature Templates

Unsubscribe, Bounce, and Whitelist Management

Add More Emails & Storage

Add 1,000 Monthly Messages or Shared Link Views For $36 Per Month

Add 20 GB of Storage For $15 Per Month

Want More Help

Our professional service team can help you set up and run your campaigns.

Frequently asked questions

Can I upgrade/downgrade whenever I want?

Yes, you can. Sales Innovator works based on the prorate model. We will bill you only for what you have used. For example, if you downgrade in July - we will prorate on the August invoice and take off the amount you did not spend.

Can I cancel my plan anytime?

You are welcome to cancel anytime. Just go to the user navigation, which is accessible from your user profile picture, and click “Cancel Account.”

Can I get a free trial?

The build plan is free. We do not charge you for setting-up your AI Sales Assistants, building your campaign or landing page. Take as long as you want to build out your campaign. Once you are ready to start emailing, you can upgrade.

Is it possible to add teammates to my account?

You can add as many team members as you want. We do not charge you per user, sender, email connection, or AI Sales Assistant.

How many emails can each sales robot send per day?

We recommend that you do not send more than 50 emails per day. The typical salesperson sends 36.2 emails per day, and we suggest you send under 40 emails; this way, you will best simulate a salesperson's actions and be less likely to end up in spam. If you want to add more emails, then you should scale your team members. If you properly warm-up your domain, you can send more emails from accounts in that domain.

Do you integrate with any CRM?

You can download contacts from Sales Innovator and upload them into any CRM. You can also upload CRM contacts into Sales Innovator.

How to get in touch with Sales or Support?

You can email us at or click on the chat message and post your questions there.

Where can I access Sales Innovator tutorials?

You can go to the support section to access the tutorials.

Can I change my package?

Of course! Upgrade or downgrade anytime, and your next bill will reflect your new plan. If you select a yearly plan, you can upgrade and downgrade your plan for the following year.

What happens when my trial period ends?

We will store all your content, collections, and customizations for one week, and we will contact you to see if you want to continue with a paid plan, or you can always subscribe on your own.

Do I get a refund if I cancel my account?

You may cancel your account at any time, however we do not offer refunds. We encourage you to use your account until the end of your billing cycle. If you are having issues with Sales Innovator, please reach out to us and we will be happy to help you get the most of your account. Learn more.

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