Social Selling Software

Software Designed To Support A Digital Sales Force

Opportunity Directory

We provide you one central directory to help you coordinated sales resources across thousands of digital opportunities. You can assign sales resources to opportunities, or they can self-select which they choose to take.




Every opportunity has a workspace where sales reps can collaborate on digital opportunities.




You can create an approval workflow for each workspace. Easily share feedback and post too various social channels.




You can create custom short links to help you track clicks and views for each post and sales rep.


Schedule Posts

You can schedule posts for Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Auto Posting will automate scheduling and optimize posts for the best date and time per social network.

Additional Feature

  • Content Library

  • Subscription Workspaces

  • Publish To Multiple Groups At Once

  • Post Notifications

  • Activity Streams

  • Advanced Permissions

  • Content Calendar


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