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Sales Acceleration Robots

Software To Help You Create And Manage A Team Of Artificially Intelligent Sales Robots

Scale an infinite team of Artificial Intelligent (A.I.) sales robots who can send emails, qualify prospects, and help you accelerate your sales pipeline.

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Robots Look And Act


Prospects will think that your sales robots are real people and will be more responsive to the personalized experience.

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Robots Send Emails Like Real People

Sales robots outreach to new prospects every day sending personalized email sequences like human beings.

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Robots Qualify Prospects

Robots score each prospect based on their engagement and interest and notify sales when the prospect is ready for a conversation.

Robots Can Help You Sell

Robots can help you accelerate your sales pipeline in various ways


Engage Interested Prospects

Robots can be the first point of contact to engage prospects who recently requested contact online; e.g. low-scoring leads, partner referrals.


Activate Prospects That Have Shown Interest

Robots can be the second point of contact (after your sales rep attempted outreach) for prospects who previously showed high levels of interest.


Reactivate Dormant Prospects

Robots can proactively initiate contact with prospects who previously expressed interest; e.g. untouched, unresponsive for more than 90 days, or closed/lost.

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Win Back Former Customers

Robots can proactively reach out to recently lost customers who left more than 90 days ago or long-lost customers who left more than a year ago.

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Pre-Event Outreach

Robots can reach out to drive attendance and schedule meetings ahead of your events; e.g. customer conferences, trade shows, webinars, demos.

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Post-Event Engagement

Robots can connect with leads as the first point of contact following an event; e.g. customer conferences, trade shows, booth visits, webinars, demos


Accelerate Open Opportunities

Robots can contact existing opportunities late in the funnel and advance through the sales process; e.g., remind prospects to decide, to complete forms.


Cultivate Early Interest

Robots can reach out to prospects who signaled potential interest but have not requested contact; e.g. ABM targets, social media followers, consumer of content

Robots Look And Feel Real

Create your own sales robot that will attract your audience

Sales Innovator allows you to create robots that will best fit your audience's interest. Give your sales robot a look, name, and email address. You can make your robot look human and interact like real people. 

Meet A Few Of Our Sales Robots