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  • Taking Your Sales Game To The Next Level

    If you want your marketing efforts and budget to truly impact revenue growth you should practice ABM. Account Based Marketing helps your marketing and sales team focus on building relationships in your highest opportunity, and most valued accounts that have the strongest potential of impacting your bottom line. For example, assume you sell an expensive software product or consulting service. Rather than going after small businesses, SMBs, and enterprises - you can adopt ABM and choose to focus on accounts that have the highest need for your service and have the budget. Instead of a broad approach requiring a lot of investment with minimal results, ABM will help you slow down to develop a thoughtful approach and boost your odds of driving engagement and sales. Today's buyers are increasingly more insistent on outreach tailored to their business and even their personal interests within the business. ABM will require your marketing and sales team to combine efforts and engage each person on the buying team in a personalized way that will help you be more likely to differentiate yourself from the competition. By implementing ABM your team will kick-off the sales process with higher-value opportunities earlier, get the highest ROI possible from marketing campaigns, and be well aligned to have longer-term success. According to Altera Group, 97% of companies that have implemented ABM have achieved a higher ROI from their marketing campaigns. Account Based Marketing helps you stay razor-focused on goals your team has the highest chances of achieving.

  • Reasons To Choose An ABM Strategy

    For companies trying to sell into larger accounts, with longer sales cycles, and larger deal sizes ABM offers many benefits over other go-to-market strategies. These benefits include: Clear ROI Marketing's biggest challenge has been justifying the budget. Tracking ROI has been extremely hard with broad marketing campaigns. Using ABM makes it easier for companies to track ROI. ABM has marketing begin their process with clear targets and a much deeper understanding of the companys overall target audience; marketing can then create more effective marketing campaigns and experience more effective marketing re-engagement, which can open up additional upsell and cross-sell opportunities. The results can then be clearly measured and tracked. Companies who have deployed ABM have found that ABM delivers the highest ROI of any B2B marketing strategy or tactic. Companies who want convincing can start running their pilot program and immediately start measuring results. Less Resource Wasted ABM is very targeted and allows marketing to focus their resources efficiently and run marketing programs that are specifically optimized for individual accounts that are most likely to close sales. Account Based Marketings focused strategy frees up resources that would previously have been wasted on broad marketing campaigns with limited results. More Personalized and Optimized Messaging Using ABM tactics allows marketers to slow down and take the time to create personalized messages for different people in the buying committee. Customers will recognize your upfront investment in creating personalized messaging and the fact that you are not wasting their time; ultimately leading to better customer experiences, higher retention rates, and higher ROI. #Flipmyfunnel published a study on the state of Account Based Marketing and 27% of ABM marketers reported a 50% increase in customer engagement from using more personalized and optimized messaging. Shorter Sales Cycles Major purchase decisions involve a buying committee with multiple stakeholders. The typical sales process is slow and usually starts with a lower-level person in the organization and moves slowly towards the decision-makers. ABM shortens the sales cycle since you are targeting everyone in the buying committee at the same time with personalized messages. Results from a Bizibles AMB Metrics Survey discovered that ABM shortens the sales cycle on average by 25%(15). Easier To Track Goals And Measure It is a lot easier to track the effectiveness of a campaign, whether email, ads, web, or events, and draw a clear conclusion when you are looking at a list of targeted accounts versus a broad set of accounts and metrics. According to Altera Group, 97% of companies who have implemented ABM have achieved a higher ROI from their marketing campaigns. Sales and Marketing Alignment Is Easier In traditional marketing approaches, marketing would give sales leads for sales to chase and competition and discord would arise around the number of leads and lead quality. Account Based Marketing encourages market and sales to work together in identifying target accounts, crafting customized campaigns, and align and move individual accounts through the pipeline, before and after lead conversion. ABM is perhaps one of the most effective ways to align sales and marketing. Forrester Research found that organizations who have strong sales and marketing alignment see an average of 32% annual revenue growth, while less aligned see a 7% decline in growth.

  • Target Your Buying Committee @ Scale

    It is important to note that ABM shifts the focus of sales and marketing from one individual to a buying committee within an organization that collectively makes the decision. This important note is why ABM is focused on understanding each account, who is part of the buying committee, and how to build influencer relationships with each member of that committee. ABM begins with the sales team leading the charge and identifying the highest-priority accounts, which teams and individuals are involved in the buying committee, and in building profiles of the roles for marketing to engage through strategic messaging campaigns. Marketing then develops and delivers customized content to target decision-makers, influencers, and stakeholders within those accounts. Content is customized based on the collective need of the committee and the individual needs of each member. After content is created, marketing works with sales to execute the marketing campaign by starting the conversation with fewer but more likely prospects and warming up the prospects for sales to take over. The ability to engage and heat up the conversation with likely prospects is the most valuable attribute of using Account Based Marketing. Marketing now has the ability to help sales by creating highly personalized messages and putting them in front of the right decision-makers at the right time, therefore eliminating the guessing work and wasted marketing efforts. Content efforts are focused on those prospects who have the strongest potential of impacting the bottom line. ABM is not a tactic but a business strategy that requires buy-in across the business. Executives, finance, customer success, services, IT, sales, and products should all be aligned to support this go-to-market effort. ABM will require the work of your company to acquire each targeted prospect, make them successful, and expand within their organization.

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  • B2B Sales Funnels | Sales Innovator | United States

    Get Started Learn More Learn More Learn More Learn More Hospitality Sales Innovator Helps You Dominate Your Target Market We Help You Reach Over 266,862 Businesses Across 19 Industries Out of gallery Sales Innovator Helps Engage The Buying Committee We Help You Reach 25,415,253 decision-makers across 19 industries. Out of gallery Sales Innovator Helps You Create Content That Converts We Help You Create Content That Will Engage The Buying Committee And Get You The Appointments. Out of gallery Full Featured ABM Platform Use Sales Innovator's ABM Platform To Launch, Manage, and Optimize Your ABM Campaign. Build personalized experiences at scale Increase your engagement rates by giving each prospect a personalized buying experience that goes beyond email. Upload 1,000 contacts for free to get started. Create unlimited organizations, partnerships, and client workspaces for free. Free email warmup for all senders. Unlimited emails, landing pages, content, and links. Learn More Engage 25,415,253 Executives Across 19 Industries Sales Innovator Helps You Scale Your Company Sales Innovator is helping companies scale from zero to millions in sales in a repeatable and predictable way. To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key. Learn how Oracle increased account penetration by 480%. Learn How

  • B2B Email Automation For Teams | Sales Innovator | United States

    Start For Free No Credit Card Required. We built our product from the ground up to help companies build multi-million dollar sales funnels and scale their team while getting the best industry ROI. Full Feature ABM Platform Learn More Build personalized experiences at scale Increase your engagement rates by giving each prospect a personalized buying experience that goes beyond email. Write custom intros, emails, links, and calls-to-action Automatically add personalized images, links, banners, content, and signature to your emails. Add dynamic personalized landing pages with embedded videos, text, pdf, iframes, and pictures Create and send personalized emails and landing pages for your entire team automatically. Personalized Experience Platform Create personalized automated email sequences for one or many salespeople. Integrated approval process so all salespeople can approve emails before they are sent. Content library so content can be uploaded once and used across various campaigns. Outbound Email Platform Automate follow-up emails for one or all salespeople Launch personalized outbound email sequences, send automated follow-up emails, and generate more opportunities for your entire team. 140% More Visited Viewed Liked Downloads Time Spent Call To Action Clicked Lead Scoring Get more insights to qualify interested prospects Go beyond opens and replies and find out who is really interested in your product so you can know whom you should contact. Each lead is scored and prioritized based on their engagement. Get notified when prospects are interested and are ready to be contacted. "Spam filters open everyone's emails today so companies need better analytics to tell if a prospect is interested." Lead Scoring Platform Track Track With Sales Innovator Without Sales Innovator Clicked Opened Replied Bounced Whitelisted Clicked Opened Replied Bounced Whitelisted Keep your emails out of spam Sales Innovator uses artificial intelligence to make sure your emails arrive in a prospect's main inbox. Automatically warm up your email domains Emails are sent automatically just like a real person would send them. Cold Email Tools Implement A.I. Sales Robots to help you boost lead generation Sales Innovator's A.I. Sales Robot technology allows companies to clone their salespeople at a less than 1% cost of a salesperson while optimizing the clones to deliver 3x better engagement. High-Velocity Selling Integrate Sales Innovator with all the tools you need Sync-up your tool & make moving data in‑between apps as easy as it gets, or build a custom integration with API access See Our Integrations We Use Sales Innovator To 10x Our Results! Peter Strohkorb ADVISORY VSH Solutions Peter Strohkorb Founder & Principal Peter Strohkorb Advisory "Sales Innovator allows sales teams to deliver highly personalized and relevant buyer experiences at a scale that will significantly impact sales." Alejandro Sparo Co-Founder & CEO The Whisper Company "I love how Sales Robots can help me get leads for my business while I focus on other business priorities and on closing deals!" Hrishikesh Kale Founder & CEO VSH Solutions "I am impressed to see how Sales Innovator can deliver significantly higher engagement levels than any other outbound email automation platform in the market." Paul Chaney B2B Writer, Editor & Content Marketer "SEO and Inbound marketing are great marketing channels but require time to deliver results. Sales Innovator is ideal for businesses that need to grow today and do not have months to wait." Oluwadurotimi Olayemi CEO & Founder G3 Hub "I have tried various marketing automation tools, and none of them are as easy to use and focused on generating outbound leads as Sales Innovator. " Patrick Tedjamulia CEO & Founder Video Peel "When there is a ton of market demand for your solution, and you need to do more with less, I highly recommend that you consider Sales Innovator."

  • Chief Growth Officers

    < Back Target: 115,870 Chief Growth Officers Sales Innovator has access to 115,870 Chief Growth Officers across 19 industries. These executives are part of the decision committee that influences the purchase of your product or services. Sales Innovator gives you the ability to target CGOs across several verticals such as internet, banking, computer software, financial services, information technology and services, oil & energy, higher education, hospital & healthcare, government, manufacturing, and raw materials, life science, insurance, marketing & advertising, real estate, transportation, retail, food and beverage, computer & network security, and hospitality. With Sales Innovator, you can scale and reach the majority of Chief Growth Officers in your industry. Using our technology, you can contact these executives through email, social selling, ads, and phone calls with personalized value-added content that will impress your prospects and give them a reason to contact you. Do not let your competitors dominate an industry first. With Sales Innovator, you can become the industry leader, accelerate your pipeline, and close more deals. Get Started Chief Growth Officers We Can Help You Reach 115,870 Chief Growth Officers 4,000 Internet Chief Growth Officers 4,500 Banking Chief Growth Officers 5,500 Computer Software Chief Growth Officers 11,000 Financial Services Chief Growth Officers 15,000 Information Technology And Services Chief Growth Officers 3,000 Oil And Energy Chief Growth Officers ​ Higher Education Chief Growth Officers 4,000 Hospital & Healthcare Chief Growth Officers ​ Government Chief Growth Officers 16,000 Manufacturing and Raw Materials Chief Growth Officers 2,000 Life Science Chief Growth Officers 11,000 Insurance Chief Growth Officers 14,000 Marketing & Advertising Chief Growth Officers 9,000 Real Estate Chief Growth Officers 2,000 Transportation Chief Growth Officers 8,500 Retail Chief Growth Officers 3,500 Food and Beverage Chief Growth Officers 870 Computer and Network Security Chief Growth Officers 2,000 Hospitality Chief Growth Officers Get Started

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