Shared Inbox

Engage with prospects from one inbox

When a prospect replies to a sales robot's email, the replies are centrally gathered in one inbox. Salespeople can then reply as the robot or as themselves to answer questions and set up further discussions. One central salesperson can support the efforts of your sales robot team.


Centrally View Replies

See all the prospect replies to sales robot emails from one inbox.


Reply For Each


Reply on behalf of each robot and set up an appointment.


Use Templates

For Replies

Facilitate replies by using templates to respond to prospects quickly.

Human Controlled Replies

People control the email replies for each sales robot

Sales robots receive prospect emails in a central inbox that saves people time from visiting multiple inboxes. Humans can create a reply or use templates to facilitate replying to common questions. Alerts keep salespeople up-to-date on email interactions.


Centrally View Replies

Sales Innovator makes it easy for you to view all the sales emails in a single inbox or filter inboxes by salesperson or sales robot. A centralized email box allows you to have one sales person manage all the emails for your whole sales robot team.


Reply For Each Robot

Sales Innovator gives you the ability to reply to emails on behalf of each sales robot and engage with prospects until they are ready to schedule a meeting, meet a salesperson, or make a purchase. 


Use Templates For Replies

Sales Innovator gives you a template library where you can save email and signature templates or re-use templates for your prospect replies. The template library is shared across all inboxes.


The right team members get notified when a sales robot receives a reply

Once a prospect replies to an email sent by a robot, you can decide what team member gets notified by email. Also, all team members have access to a shared inbox that allows team members to reply to the prospect on-behalf of the robot.

Get Notified When Prospects Reply

Shared Inbox Features

Engage With Prospects From One Inbox

View all incoming mail from a central email box

Reply to emails from a cental email box

Advanced email filters to view emails

Mark emails as favorite and label emails

Email signatures

Mobile-friendly emails

Send emails on behalf of others

Email integration (Gmail, Outlook, Exchange,  Office 365, & SMTP)

Email templates

Manage unsubscribers

Support for text and HTML emails

Content Management Integration

Email Personalization

Email Box Management

Email Forwarding Features

Automated Email Replies

You Are Always In Control

Define the buyer journey each robot will deliver

Configure whom the robots will target, what emails they will send, what landing pages will look like, and who will be notified.

Create your team of sales robots today and accelerate your sales!

Sales Innovator is a sales robot platform that allows companies to build a team of artificially intelligent sales robots to help accelerate outbound and inbound sales goals. 

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