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Team Email Automation

Automate sending personalized email sequences for your team

"I no longer need to login to different Gmail accounts multiple times to send emails for my sales team. Now my team can connect to Sales Innovator, and I can send email sequences for them, and they can approve every email I send."
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With Sales Innovator One Marketer Can Send Emails For Their Entire Sales Team
In Minutes Marketers Can Create Personalized Sales Sequences and Personalized Landing Pages
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Team Email Automation Features

Automate Email Sequences To Accelerate Sales

Unlimited email campaigns

Personalized email messages

Automated email sequences

Manage multiple senders

No limits in sending daily emails

Send emails on behalf of others

Mobile-friendly email

Bulk email marketing

Email signatures

Email scheduling

Email templates

Multi-sender email preview

Single email send

Manage email sending speeds

Email integration (Gmail, Outlook, Office 365, & SMTP).

Manage Unsubscribers

Email list bulk import

Manage email contacts

Support for text and HTML emails

Email Approval Management

Email Analytics

Manage email connections

Custom email Domains

Learn How Team Email Automation Works 

Sales Innovator has automated the whole process of sending emails on behalf of your sales team or intelligent sales assistant. All you need to do is create the email and send it and we will get all the approvals and start sending emails. 


Connect An Email Account

Sales Innovator supports all major email clients. You can natively connect to Gmail, Office 365, Microsoft Exchange, and SMPT within seconds to start sending emails. Administrators can manage all connections from a single interface.

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Select Your Senders

Easily add sales assistants or salespeople to campaigns as senders. AI assistants are added automatically, and salespeople will be asked to register. Next, connect email accounts for each assistant or salesperson. This only has to be done once.  After email accounts are connected, you are ready to start sending emails on behalf of each sales assistant or salesperson.

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Add Your Contacts

Manually enter contact information or upload contacts for each sales assistant or salesperson. Once contacts are added, marketers can easily re-use contacts across campaigns.

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Create Your Email Sequences

Sales Innovator makes it easy for you to create personalized email sequences and add custom content to each email. Each email, content, and links are tracked to each prospect. You can determine when the sequence is sent and when it is stopped.

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Preview Emails

Before emails are sent, you and other senders can preview each personalized email and landing page to see how the message will be displayed to the prospect. You can preview emails online or have them emailed to your inbox.

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Senders Approve Emails

When sending on behalf of salespeople, each sales rep will get an email notification that a new email campaign has been started and that they need to approve it before it is started. Once the sales rep approves the email campaign, then emails for that sales rep will be sent. Emails for sales assistants will be immediately sent and do not need approval.

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Track Progress

Sales Innovator will track campaign progress per sales assistant and salesperson so the team members can see how the campaign is progressing overall and so each salesperson can see their own campaign progress. Reports can be emailed regularly.

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