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Virtual Sales Assistant

Use our virtual sales assistant to help you grow your sales team

"I am a growing company with a small sales team. We want to scale our outreach efforts without having to hire more salespeople. Sales Innovator's virtual sales assistants helped us scale our outreach to bring in more leads so we could justify hiring more salespeople. "
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Sales Innovator's virtual sales assistants can help you scale your outreach efforts without hiring more people
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Adding a virtual sales assistant to your sales outreach campaign is very easy and can help you significantly accelerate your pipeline.

Artificial Intelligence Features

Smart Machines Performing Tasks Of Humans

Robot profiles

Robot business cards

Robot performance metrics

Algorithms simulating humans sending emails

Algorithms ensuring duplicate content is not sent

Algorithms optimizing email sending and open rates

Algorithms making sure content is not seen as spam

Algorithms scoring prospects based on activity

Algorithms scoring companies based on activity

Algorithms scoring content based on activity

Algorithms scoring calls to action based on activity

Algorithms scoring campaigns based on activity

Automatic report creation 

Automatic notifications based on user requests

Automatic report emails to subscribed users

Automatic personalization of all email and landing pages

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Send Emails Like Real People

Virtual Sales Assitant Can Perform Sales Outreach Tasks at a Fraction of an Actual Salespeson's Cost

An average salesperson sends 36.2 emails per day,  spends 13 hours per week on email, is very focused on a few prospects, is prone to errors, and has limited time to scale their efforts. Sales robots, on the other hand, have unlimited time, can be focused on broader email segments, can be monitored for quality, and once given an email template they can send emails simulating humans so emails do not end up in spam.

One Salesperson

Sales Robots


Monthly Base Salary:

$3,000 - $5,000

Monthly Software Cost: $899 - $2,499

ROI: 1,323%

Avg. Daily Emails Sent Per Sales Rep


Daily Emails Sent By

30 Sales Robots* 


4,043 % More Emails

* The total number of possible emails with a $2,499 plan.

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Look And Feel Real

Customize Your Own Sales Robot

Sales Innovator allows you to create robots that will best fit your audience's interest. Give your sales robot a look, name, and email address. You can make your robot look human and interact like real people. 

Meet A Few Of Our Sales Robots

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The Sales Robot Playbook
Learn the strategy and details of how sales robots work, set them up, and what technology powers sales robots. Those interested in the numbers will learn how to forecast their models to see how many sales robots it takes to reach their sales goals, what the ROI will be, what are the costs, and how sales robots compare to hiring a salesperson.

Sales Innovator provides an account based marketing platform that every B2B marketer can implement to optimize conversions and accelerate sales. 

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