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Send over 10,000 personalized automated emails per month for each sales rep to accelerate your pipeline.

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Dominate your market and outsell your competitors

The average sales rep sends 36.2 emails per day and spends 13 hours per week on email. By using Sales Innovator a marketer can help a sales rep send over 500 personalized emails per day without spending any more time writing emails.

Before Sales Innovator

Avg. Daily Emails Sent Per Sales Rep


Using Sales Innovator

Avg. Daily Emails Sent Per Sales Rep


1,281% More





99% of companies who personalized their sales approach achieve greater engagement.


"Sales Innovator Gives Me The Ability To Personalize At Scale"

Accelerate your sales pipeline immediately

In a few minutes, you can create and launch a personalized email campaign across your whole sales team.  Reach more buyers and start getting more leads and growing your business.

Create personalized experiences in minutes

With a few clicks, you can publish a personalized campaign experience optimized for engagement and conversion.

Accelerate pipeline by sending more personalized emails

Sales Innovator has fully automated the process for you to create and send thousands of personalized emails on behalf of your sales reps to accelerate lead generation.

Close more deals by using buyer engagement to qualify leads

Each prospect is scored and ranked based on their engagement with your personalized email and landing page so your sales team knows who they should follow-up with first.


Increase Open Rates By 29%

Create personalized email and landing page experiences in minutes

Sales Innovator allows you to create rich personalized customer journeys for each buyer. You can automatically personalize the text, content, and landing page by creating templates in minutes that will automatically get populated.

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8x Greater ROI On Marketing Spend

Generate more leads by sending more personalized emails

Save hours of work by creating the email campaign for your sales force and sending it on their behalf. All they need to do is connect their email accounts and approve your message. Your sales team will love the leads and will thank you for saving them hours of work.

Email Automation


6x More Sales Transactions

Make More Sales By Focusing On Interested Buyers

Sales Innovator goes above and beyond opens and clicks and gives you rich insights into buyer intent and then scores each buyer and prioritizes which buyers you should be contacted first.














140% More










Time Spent

Call To Action Clicked

Lead Scoring

Have A Direct Impact On Accelerating Sales

Skip hours of development, integration, and coordination work with software that lets you update your content and launch personalized email campaigns across all your sales team in minutes. Built for marketers, Sales Innovator lets you personalize at scale to help you accelerate pipeline and close more deals.

Email Marketing

Sales Email Software

Weak buying signals like clicks, form fills, and visits don't tell the full story.

No visibility into sales emails. 

Get stronger real-time buying signals such as views, time on site, and clicks on call to action. Marketers can see what content, campaign, and emails have the highest impact. 

Built to make sales reps more productive.

Built for marketers to send mass emails.

Built for marketers to help sales reps accelerate their pipeline.

Every personalized email is manually created and takes a lot of time to create.

Emails are sent by the company and are not very personal.

Every personalized email is centrally created, optimized, and used across many sales reps.

Templates shared with sales may never get used.

Templates are created for mass email sends.

In a few minutes, marketing can send and optimize emails for all sales reps.

Sales have to attach content or send prospects to the company website where content is not personalized.

Takes days/weeks to get landing pages live due to reliance on web developers.

Marketers can self-publish personalized landing pages for all buyers in minutes.

Ready To Use Templates

Comprehensive Guide

How to avoid landing in spam in 2020

A comprehensive guide on what steps B2B marketers need to take to make sure your emails reach your prospects inbox and get read.

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Sales Innovator is a sales acceleration platform that allows B2B marketers created personalized customer journeys at scale in behalf of their sales teams.

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